Welcome to VCare International. VCare International is situated in Karachi, Pakistan. VCare International is a leading state-of-the-art medical equipment provider. VCare International is Exclusive Distributor in Pakistan for a world-leading company in Blood Pressure Monitors, Digital Thermometers, Heating Pads, Nebulizers, Suction Units, CPAP & Pressure Relief Mattress. We are the brand leader in the fastest cholesterol Uric Acid, Haemoglobin Meter & Strips, Biosensor Glucometers & Test Strips.

VCare International is engaged continuously to introduce reputable and innovative health care products with advanced technology from worldwide, which are always demanded by our valuable customers. Customer Satisfaction is at the heart of our mission. The seniority and the evolution of our company depend on their satisfaction over time. The products and services we provide aim for the highest levels of reliability, conformity to the expectations and respect of delays and costs that is why customer trust on us and our business volume is continuously going up. Each of our team members is a product specialist Intelligent, sincerely, experienced, hard-working and can assist customers quickly and easily.