Aneroid Blood Pressure Kit

The blood pressure monitor is a fully automatic, digital blood-pressure measuring device for use
on the wrist, which enables very fast and reliable measurement of the systolic and diastolic
blood-pressure as well as the pulse frequency by way of the oscillometric method of measuring.
The device offers a very high and clinical tested measurement accuracy and has been designed
to provide a maximum of user-friendliness.

Electromagnetic Interference

The device contains sensitive electronic components (Microcomputer). Therefore, avoid strong
electrical or electromagnetic fields in the direct vicinity of the device (e.g. mobile telephones,
microwave cookers). These can lead to temporary impairment of the measuring accuracy


  • 8-bit Micro Processor
  • Fuzzy Logic
  • Blood Pressure & Pulse Measurements
  • Fully Automatic Inflation & Deflation
  • Integrated Time & Date Display
  • 30 Sets Of Memory
  • Error Code
  • Large Display
  • Automatic Switch Off
  • Battery Check
  • Oscillometric Measuring Method
  • High Accuracy
  • Easy Battery Change