FH 96

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Standard Heating Pad

The Microlife FH 96 heating pad has been designed for use on specific body parts where heat therapy is most effective. The pad offers the largest surface area of heat yet remain compact for easy application and storage. Therefore it is especially suitable for use in heat therapy.


  • 4 Temperature Levels
  • For Easy Adjustment During The Heat Therapy
  • Even-Heat Distribution
  • For A Most Effective Heat Therapy
  • Microlife Safety Standard (MSS)
  • Ensures Risk-free Usage With The Highest Comfort.
  • Fast Warm-Up
  • High Flexibility & No Disturbing Parts Inside
  • Smooth And Very Comfortable Pad Material
  • Even-Heat Distribution
  • Stable Temperature Control
  • 4 Level Temperature Control Switch
  • Automatic Switch Of After 1.5 Hours
  • High Safety Level With Additional Back-Up Safety System
  • Machine Washable Cotton Cover